Meet Gail

Meet Gail

I’m Gail Cort and I am truly passionate about fitness. Although I teach a variety of clientele about the importance of a balanced lifestyle, I have always been drawn to the empowerment of women. When I see a middle aged women struggling to find balance and meaning in her life it motivates me to help them become happy – about their health, their bodies, and most importantly their lives as a whole. I have found that nothing empowers women more than taking control of their health and this is why I have developed this easy to follow program. With the help of a program tailored to your specific needs, my personal expertise, and the power that is already inside of you, you can achieve any goals imaginable.

Experience: 31 years


  • Started in the fitness industry as a Fitness and Nutrition Consultant in 1983
  • Played Competitive volleyball and rowed for Brock University while obtaining a Physical Education degree
  • Obtained a Psychology degree from University of Waterloo
  • Rowed on Canadian National Rowing Team from 1976 – 1984
  • Rowed in several International Regattas and placed
  • Received Bronze medal at the rowing World Championships in 1978
  • Part of the fourth place rowing team in the Olympics of 1976 and 1984
  • Worked in various gyms from 1983 – 2000
  • Obtained a post-graduate diploma in Community Nutrition from the University of Otago
  • Instructed various exercise classes from 1983 on
  • Developed original body shaping classing tailored to women, sports teams, and an over 50’s clientele.
  • Developed an original 40min fat-burning class
  • Coached and trained high school rowers for 3 years
  • Volunteered to teach children the importance of physical education at schools for a number of years
  • Developed a Corporate Wellness program for Beattie-Rickman & Assoc (a law and accounting firm)

Since this program is all about building a healthy relationship with yourself, I would like to let you know what I have discovered about myself throughout my own personal journey towards building and maintaining a balanced lifestyle.

I am not a super-human-fitness-lunatic that eats, sleeps, and breathes dumbbells, lettuce, and vitamins. However, I sometimes like to look like one.

I am not a fan of rules and believe they are meant to be broken. That is why I have spent a lifetime discovering how to break them without getting “fat”.
I LOVE food – pizza, cheesy omelettes, parfaits and cake.
I love to exercise to music that moves and motivates me.
I find pushing myself physically exhilarating, it gives me a strong feeling of accomplishment
I am 54 years old and a Grandmother, but that has not stopped me yet.
I was once an obsessive eater and exerciser. My personal journey involved learning how to stop obsessing, eat what I like, and workout less. I had to stop looking at training from a competitive point of view and start looking at it from a wholesome wellness point of view.

This is just a bare minimum of what makes me, well me. I hope to share more with you while we develop a relationship that will impact both of our lives. Through getting to know each other, we can figure out what works for you and change your life for the better.



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I have found that nothing empowers women more than taking control of their health and this is why I offer these comprehensive coaching options.