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***How would you like to talk to me…right now…to discuss your Fitness and Nutrition Goals and Plan???

No gimmicks or hidden clauses, no further commitment necessary. Just a conversation to see if I can help!

If you decide to continue, then we will do a complete assessment of your lifestyle, the foods you love and your time commitments etc. I want to make sure you are getting exactly what you want and need to meet your nutrition, fitness and lifestyle goals!

A Complete Set Of Health Questions

Covering health history and current status, goals, limitations, your current physical conditioning and any previous training and exercise experience, the type of training you are interested in, your caloric needs and body type. All put together to create a PERSONALIZED program, created by a “real” person…just for YOU!!

24 Hour, 7 Days A Week Support

Full email support from me, a Specialist Fitness and Nutrition Lifestyle Expert and 3 time Olympian, with over 35 years experience in helping women just like you get the body they want and deserve. I want to see you achieve goals, and I will work hard to help you achieve them! We will work together to create the program that is RIGHT for YOU and WORKS for YOU…all at an affordable price!

PLUS…Weekly Personalized Phone/Skype Coaching for the First Month and Monthly Calls Thereafter
( this alone is worth over $400!) I want to help you achieve your goals – you don’t have to go it alone!!

Personalised and Customised Workout & Exercise Schedule

A totally customised training program designed and tailored to your needs and fitness goals, time restrictions, whether you go to a gym, have a lot of your own equipment or none at all. Detailed instructions and demonstration pictures and videos to ensure correct form and technique as well as instructions for duration/sets/reps, etc. You can print them out so you have them available whenever you want them!

Want to go one step further?

I offer very affordable Skype Training sessions. Just about like having me there! 30min sessions – 1 hr sessions…do them alone or with a friend!

Registered Nutritional Advice & Guidance

Nutritional plans include low fat, low carb, healthy heart, low cholesterol, energy boosting, healthy aging…anything and everything you may need to help achieve your nutritional goals! – Sample meal plans – Nutritional tips – Grocery/shopping list that corresponds with your nutritional program and is specific to your goals, simply print it and take it to the store with you!!

Monthly Health & Fitness Newsletter:

Your membership includes a FREE monthly newsletter with articles on the latest research, news, fitness items, tips, healthy food recipes – items that pertain you…the 40+ female!!! And yes, specials, bonuses, and competitions will find there way into your inbox as well!

Payment Online:

Credit/debit card payments accepted online for your convenience. You deserve the best for your money and time; and I will help you! If you are already convinced this is the coaching program for you, just hit the Pay Now Button below.

If you are not sure how Fit and Foxy will ensure that you change your body and your life, continue reading. Like most women, YOU have a busy life and YOU want a quick workout, one that helps you get in the best shape of your life. It doesn’t matter what your reasons are for wanting to get into the best shape of your life, you can achieve them without spending copious amounts of time – providing you have the right tools. A proper training routine is a careful blend of strength, cardio, and flexibility training utilizing cutting edge information to help you achieve your goals. One of the reasons I am a fitness professional in demand is that I know how to utilize a proper work/rest ratio technique for training efficiently and effectively – the technique that has been proven time and time again! The workouts you get are performed at home, at the gym, on the road and anywhere you can fit in a quick workout, whatever your specific needs are. Your workouts are designed to help YOU!!!

Are you ready to make a positive change in your life? Do you feel like it is time to re-invest in Yourself? Do you want to work as hard as you can for short amounts of time to achieve maximum gains? Do you want to obtain a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle…one that will carry you into the future??

If you are still not sure, you can write in with your questions (just go to the Contact page and fill in the brief form) and we can arrange that OBLIGATION-FREE telephone consultation. If I can finally get you to lose the weight, run faster, or simply workout regularly it’s worth it, right? If I cannot deliver the goods I don’t deserve to get paid. Just that simple. Here is how it works: If after the first month or anytime after that, (you have been following your program at least 80% of the time), simply contact me. No questions, no hassles, no hard feelings. Just an email to let me know your reason and you are done. You MUST be completely satisfied. If not, I WANT you to cancel your membership. I am confident that once you begin to experience training the Fit and Foxy way, you won’t want to do it any other way ever again. I guarantee it!!!

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