Side Bridge


Lie on your side with your forearm on the floor under your shoulder to prop you up, and your feet stacked.


Contract your core and press your forearm against the floor to raise your hips until your body is straight from ankles to shoulders.


Hold for 15 to 45 seconds, then repeat on the other side.


Contract your abs and butt muscles forcefully to keep your body straight.


[blockquote]Taking the top spot of the most useful exercises you’ll ever perform is the tried-and-true (and rather simple) exercise of walking. Easy for beginners and beneficial for the healthiest of health nuts, walking gets your body moving and can result in the loss of as many as 500 calories during an hour-long walk. As if that weren’t enough to convince you of its efficiency, walking can be done anywhere, any time, in any kind of weather. Simply provide the walking shoes and the will to get a little exercise, and walking will take care of the rest. [/blockquote]


[blockquote]Like squats, push-ups can build many parts of your body at one time. From your biceps and chest to your shoulders and triceps to your core, push-ups give your upper body a workout that cannot be matched by other more specific exercises. In the event you find regular old push-ups a little too elementary, we will review some alternatives at a later date[/blockquote]

Elbow Planks

[blockquote]Recommended by many and given the golden thumbs up by research, performing the plank exercise on your elbows and toes is an extraordinarily effective exercise. Working the back and abdominals and building endurance in both, planks will get your muscles in great shape, without you even having to move a muscle. If you’re unfamiliar with planks, the first step is to get on the floor facedown. With your forearms resting on the ground, support your weight with your elbows and your toes. The rest of your body should be in a straight line, from your shoulders down to your feet. Try to hold the position for up to one minute and repeat three to five times. It may sound simple, but the burning sensation that accompanies this exercise tells another tale.[/blockquote]


[blockquote]Yes, they’re old-fashioned, they don’t require high-tech equipment, and they look kind of funny. In spite of this, squats are one of the best exercises available for your body. The benefit of squats comes because of the range of muscles the exercise works out. Whereas many weight-lifting exercises focus on a single muscle, squats pull in multiple leg muscles, including the various muscles in the buttocks, hamstrings, and quadriceps.[/blockquote]